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Vintage Oakley O Frame

The nearly 30 second clip from Bihar, probably captured on a mobile phone, shows a group of villagers rushing towards the train with packets of food. Three young men can be seen handing over a basket full of food items to a passenger from a window in the train. Thanks for sharing Sir,” wrote one of Zoramthang’s followers in response..

“I’m hoping that this year I can get over we’ve got some dates in March and April, but you kind of have to get the squashes planted before the end of April if you’re going to get anything to grow. So I’m hoping I can get over there this year and get a good garden planted. “.

Gina Medaglia decided she wanted to have a party for her staff. The chef and owner of Dalias Bistro Wine Bar in Brookline hired Dana Zemak, owner of the Tasty Show. Zemak brings everything with her, including palate cleansers (watermelon, berries, cookies, sorbet) as well as 15 chocolate samples and rating cards.

Well, I haven’t given up hope completely; once I’ve gotten the money together to pay off my parents’ debt to him that will probably take another five or six years I’m going to do it without fail. Then I’m going to make the big break. But for the time being I’d better get up, since my train leaves at five.”.

The bottled water donations will continue during the crises but these tanks can also be filled with large tankers that are being driven out. This is the fastest way to get a huge amount of water to an area as bottles take a lot of space and need specialised packing. A tank will then also serve as a second point where people with containers can get water.

Poor.Ada Hegerberg becomes the first female Ballon d’Or winner. The result? Asked whether she could twerk on stage by DJ Martin Solveig. Mbappe’s reaction said it all . “He’s an able and honest man,” says Mr. Koch, who worked on Africa policy and counterterrorism with Mr. Oakley.

About Chain CoralsThe trial of chains in this beach smooth limestone is another occasional fun find on the lakeshore. The chains are a dead give away for whats called “chain coral” from the Halysite family of the order Tabulate corals. This is another coral type that began its reign during the Silurian Period approximately 450 years ago.

Documentary hopes to put tiny Alberta theatre town back on the map, and in the blackIt’s a blip on the map with only 87 residents, but Rosebud, Alta., attracts an estimated 35,000 visitors a year. Jackson and the Group of Seven spent a summer painting there in 1944. These days, it’s art of another kind that helps keeps the community afloat.

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