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Edward Everett. Lincoln Gettysburg Address took under three minutes to deliver, but what he said continues to ripple across human consciousness today. Oakley Lincoln is completely unobserved of all observers (with apologies to Shakespeare Hamlet).

Even though it is not completely disappearing from Disneyland, the public is still losing a beautiful piece of Disney magic. Here are some photos of me in the Court of Angels that show some of my favorite memories in this now lost courtyard. My favorite memory of all of them is with my friend Jen.

But she is an extremely well paid executive. The academy recently reported that her paycheck has risen to more than $598,000 for the fiscal year ending March 2012, far more than her peers, according to tax records. In fact, Berlowitz earned more than most university presidents, even though the academy has only a few dozen employees and a comparatively small budget..

Controlling the car is based on the gesture controls and accelerometer of the iOS device. Tilt the phone forward to accelerate, back to stop and reverse and left and right to steer and make turns. The car runs on four AA batteries, and has a top speed of about 12 km/h.

The first to be murdered was Bernard Goldberg, 42, a Manchester jeweller and father of four who was shot on St Stephen Green on October 31, 1923, after three men had stopped him and his brother Samuel and demanded their names. Samuel, who lived in Dublin, had a narrow escape. He was hit on the head but managed to run towards Cuffe Street, later discovering three bullet holes in his overcoat..

Dahmer worse than guys like the Toybox Killer. The latter, in his own sick way, at least acknowledged the victims humanity by virtue of the fact that he got off on their reaction. Dahmer didn want a reaction, he just wanted something to stick his dick in and then chew on.

An excellent example of this truth is the mile markers on our roadways. Each one represents where we came from and where we’re heading. One can always revisit a particular point and connect to the memories that go along with it. I could understand if they were starving and needed meat, that they might kill some of the adult seals (in a humane manner of course), but the only reason to kill the babies is for their fur! People are so disgusted with this practice all over the world that even that is not a good economic reason to do this anymore. They seem to be doing it for the sheer brutality of it. I don’t get it.

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