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On May 20, Republican Rep. Andrew Lewis learned he had tested positive for COVID 19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Two other Republican House members who came in contact with Lewis were told to self quarantine for 14 days, but Democratic lawmakers, some of whom also had contact with Lewis or with the two other Republicans before May 20, say they first learned of the positive test result on Wednesday.

Interest in blockchains is at an all time high, but there are still plenty of technical issues to solve, especially for enterprises that want to adopt this technology for smart contracts and other use cases. For them, issues like throughput, latency, governance and confidentiality are still major stumbling blocks for using blockchains. With its new Coco Framework, Microsoft wants to solve these issues and make blockchains more suitable for the enterprise..

Then I get a message out of the blue on Facebook. A friend of mine who lives in my own home town sent me a picture of the building where my dad used to work. He told me he’d just passed it and it made him think of me. In the Enquirer, Kelly seemed to concede she went overboard, but with good reason she’s got a chronic knee injury. Oh. “I never meant to become Annie Oakley,” Kelly said in the tab.

“This is the first race tinged case that I’ve ever heard him address” as president, said the Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist and Trump critic who has known the president for decades. “So therefore he cannot be upset when people feel that it’s empty words because it is so out of character.”.

On Tuesday, Feb. 3, the Austin Bulldog reported that District 6 Council Member Don Zimmerman had paid his current wife, Jennifer Zimmerman, $2,000 from his campaign funds for “campaign services and field work.” The expense, which was recorded on Zimmerman’s Jan. The candidate or officeholder or the spouse or dependent child of the candidate or officeholder.”.

If you’re very sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants, start with a smaller dose. Taking too much at a time can leave you feeling jittery for six hours or more, so talk to your doctor first if you’re concerned. Also, make sure to read the ingredient label and instructions thoroughly to make sure you’re using the right amount..

Actually stock plus sizes. Stocking up to an 18 is an extended size range and referring to yourself as plus inclusive is misleading.2. Appreciate that your eyes, perception of size and photography can all skew someone how big or small someone looks.

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