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Although there have been some dry periods in 2020 across the Great Lakes states, it has been a wetter than average year thus far. This follows 2019, the wettest year on record from Michigan to the Dakotas, and 2018, which wasn’t far behind. The Central Lower Michigan climate division (Division 6) has seen a in overall precipitation over the last century, as shown below: the average yearly total has gone from about 28″ at the turn of the 20th century to about 35″ today..

Thomas loved music and was always bringing us into his bedroom at Meadowbrook to listen to his great collection of oldie goldie records. Each time the music filled the room it brought a sparkle to his eye and a smile to his face as if he were hearing it for the first time. Up until just a few weeks ago he still enjoyed a rousing game of pool with any of us that visited.

Although there are many strong and effective mosquito repellants on the market, most are heavily saturated with the chemical N, N Diethyl m toluamide, also known as DEET. It is a common and a main ingredient in bug repellents that “repels” and not kill insects. According to a study from France, it “inhibits the activity of a key central nervous system.”.

Being awake for more than 16 hours is similar to having drunk more than two standard drinks (and having a blood alcohol content of more than 0.05). So don’t put yourself at risk.” (source: Queensland Government Dept. Of Transport and Main Roads)Admitted DiscrepancyFor the benefit of other Australian readers.I admit the discrepancy in the Emergency telephone number being “911” in the poem.

She Can Shake It: From the moment Ariana Grande kicked the performances off tonight in Las Vegas, Taylor was on her feet dancing to a wide variety of genres. The gifs would soon follow but something tells us the “Getaway Car” singer wouldn’t care one bit. Besides, best friends Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are dancing right along with her..

And the other part was playing off ‘Citizen Kane’ and what defined the character,” says Robert King.The episode ends with Marissa and Jay leaving the temple, oblivious to what lays beyond the locked compartment that seemed empty at their quick glance. But the camera travels deeper, around corners, until it comes to the organs floating in their special containers, revealing first the brain and then the penis, complete with engraved nameplate that reads “Bud.””We love using movies as metaphors for the narrative. It seemed like a very funny, for us, joke about ‘Citizen Kane’ that was a comment on present day.

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