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Why is Chrysler getting rid of one of its minivans?Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has said having two minivans in the same showroom can be “confusing” for consumers. He has not confirmed which of the nameplates will carry on as a minivan, but widespread expectation is that it will be a Chrysler Town and Country model. The Dodge badge is expected to be placed on a new “people carrier” likely a crossover utility vehicle..

When the pedestrian turned a corner to head westbound on Otis Place NW, Green saw the group run after him. Sprinting around the corner, she noticed several of the males holding guns as they rifled through the victim’s pockets. Green identified herself and the alleged criminals fled, as she pursued them.

The Imitation Game begins in the 1950s when a police detective summons the squirrelly Turing for questioning. He thinks Turing is a spy. But Turing’s secretiveness is, of course, the result of his homosexuality, considered almost as heinous back then.

I don maintain a GitHub at all, yet I spend plenty of time digging through FOSS code at all levels. I change my working OS, workspace structure, buildtools, programming languages, etc. The Art of Software Engineering for me is to take what you have, look at the hole that needs to be filled, then coding a piece that looks like it belonged there the entire time..

Original Article She flipped the note her son had brought home from school into a pile of other papers on the kitchen counter. It warned that bed bugs had been seen in the school building, and to take precautions. She thought nothing of it. As far as their gender, the Fool is fairly fluid. I will say that in my head the Fool is a ‘he’ and Amber is a ‘she’ and I also think of ‘Beloved’ as a he, probably because that’s the way Fitz thinks of ‘him’ and how it’s written. But also as a little more than just ‘male.’ Also before I read the last trilogy I sort of thought maybe whites were going to be intersex beings but I guess not..

Contact a forgotten senior. Save an abandoned animal. Help an animal shelter. Fitness ball stretch: Sit on the floor with a fitness ball at your back in front of a wall. Lean your back against the ball, until it supports your weight, keeping your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and your hands on your hips with your elbows out. Push the small of your back upward into the fitness ball and hold for 10 to 20 seconds before going back into the starting position.

Free speech loving Americans are still having a ball insulting, shouting down, and blocking and deleting each other all across Facebook and every other platform. We revel in such behavior.I’m not accusing all Americans of being free speech haters. There are some very enlightened compatriots of mine out there, people who listen thoughtfully to conflicting opinions and sometimes even admit when they are wrong.

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