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The hand was usually taken from the hanged man who had been tried for murder. The more notorious and grisly the murder, the better the potency of the spell casting. It was said that using the left hand, aka the sinister side was best, but if the murderer had used his right hand then that would be most powerful to use for the candle magic, or evil spells..

Briarwood Farms riders and their ribbons surround farm owner Kate Benson (center rear) trainer Jen Elrod (to Benson left) and Farm Manager Cindy Demers, who won the Marie Palm Members Choice Award.NJHSA Trainer Of The Year Kate Benson of Briarwood Farms accepts her award, given to the trainer whose riders have accumulated the greatest number of high score award ribbons during the show year.Trainers, volunteers and riders of all ages were honored for their accomplishments by the New Jersey Horse Shows Association at its annual Night of Champions on Saturday, Jan. 10.Kate Benson, owner of Briarwood Farm in East Amwell Township, did not allow a move to a new location at 20 Boss Road to keep her and her riders from sweeping the awards ceremony and earning her the Trainer of the Year award for 2014. This award is given to the trainer whose riders have accumulated the greatest number of high score award ribbons during the show year.Derby Day, held each year at Briarwood in memory of Jack Benson to benefit Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center, won Best Horse Show.

It’s been hot, horrid and frankly, a little depressing these last few months. While the world grapples with a pandemic and most of us change out of one set of pajamas to another, fashion and style have been on the backburner. Eid however, despite being small, intimate and marred by a national tragedy, was still celebrated privately.

I mentioned how you can change the perspective of the flower that is your subject. Have you ever been curious how a snail sees a dandelion? Or what it looks like to walk through grass that is twice your size? Wouldn’t that just be amazing? Well, the closest we may ever get is through imagery (or maybe Disney World). Get on your belly and look up at the flower! It may be completely different on the bottom of the flower.

I see how fucked we are going to be come the first of the year. I think the state will sell out within a couple days. I’m not even going to attempt to go to a dispensary and I get a substantial discount. If the laws in force hinder you, this will be no problem, as we will draw up new laws.” In his quest for supreme power, Mussolini did not hesitate to use military might against his own people in their townships. He tortured them and held citizens hostage, including women and children. Over 10,000 of his own people were killed in his relentless quest to create an Italian Empire over which he intended to preside as supreme ruler.

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