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Our cats, Greebo and Dippy (brother and sister) are only half breed Maine Coons crossed bred with an ordinary Moggy (An affectionate British name for domestic housecat). Dippy has taken after her mother but her brother who can reach 3ft when he stands up on his hind legs and weighing at 17Ibs. Is typical Maine Coon; just like his father..

There was a moment in my own YouTube career when I said, I can either use what I have for good, or it a missed chance to positively affect people. When it came to Binge, it wasn my intention to get on a little soapbox and have a teaching moment. It was more: Here are things that have happened to me, here what I learned from it.

There are also nodes that will say stuff like “melee damage” which will apply to melee attacks with any melee weapon, or “weapon damage” which will apply to any weapon, ranged or melee. Also worth noting that with some skills, such as a Spectral Throw or Cobra Lash, you have a melee weapon equipped but the skill deals damage by throwing out a projectile, so “melee damage” won apply even though you using a melee weapon (since you never actually make a melee hit with it), but “projectile damage” will. It a bit confusing at first but once you get used to how PoE words things, it will make a lot more sense..

Kids will like this sweet form of curd. Make a habit of giving curd fruit salad every day. Some children like curd sweetened with sugar. Reads: want the administration to succeed. But we believe our first duty is to this country, and the President continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.

Dr. Ameya Kolarkar, also known as “Dr. K”, is a Senior Lecturer with Auburn’s Physics department and enjoys research in Physics Education. The world of consumer goods is changing. Consumer tastes are becoming more and more fragmented and big incumbents . It’s often difficult for these incumbents to figure out how to respond.

No drum machines or MIDI. They prefer to get on a stage and play raw, untamed rock and blues with real instruments.In today’s music industry, where most “artists” are conceived of and packaged in the marketing department, Bloodline is a refreshing exception, a group seemingly committed to preserving music that might otherwise remain a memory. Older people remember a time when a drum kit looked like one, and a guitar sounded like a guitar when an act’s music carried more weight than the members’ appearance or the intensiy of the laser show.Surprisingly, considering most members’ upbringings, Bloodline is a band with ears none of them reads music.

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