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There are many different ways to wear a long rectangular / oblong scarf, yet most people only know of one or two ways. However, long rectangualr scarves are highly versatile and can be tied in a variety of ways to produce stunning results. I have found several clips on YouTube on ways to wear long oblongscarves.

I sunk nearly $75,000 into college and struggled to get a comfortable paycheck for a long time. I now 32 and feel that I can make ends meet but it came at the cost of destroyed credit, inability to purchase a home etc. Slowly things have recovered and I now own a home, married, kids.

Im not the type of person to do that. As a professional/company we have to do what’s best for us and our future in the sport. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it work. It has been said that there are as many wands as there are people using them. You don’t realize how true this is until you start researching all that is available where wands are concerned. You have the ability to select what type of material that you want your wand made of (wood, stone, clay, crystal, metal, etc.), symbols, colors, gems, stones, crystals, shape, size, and purpose.

All those who possess a valid Aadhaar card linked to a registered mobile number can avail of this facility. The allotment process is paperless and an electronic PAN (e PAN) is issued to the applicants free of cost.This follows the announcement made by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman earlier this year as part of the Union Budget, for the introduction of a system under which PAN could be allotted instantly using Aadhaar cards. The facility eliminates the need for filling up of detailed application forms.”The ‘Beta version’ of Instant PAN allotment facility was started on trial basis in Feb 2020 on e filing website of IT Deptt.

When I was a child, I recall hollowing out a dill pickle and using it as a drinking vessel for a sip or two of ginger ale. Did I like it? No. It was a terrible idea. Kai says “It’s hearing the shrill sound of grinding metal, telling you your’re doing it right.” Watching Kai, one can feel the excitement and flow of a lift off, his body managing the pop and slide of the skateboard action. Beginners should know patience is key to becoming a pro on the board. Like the old saying goes practice makes perfect..

A fierce fight over food packets between passengers of a special migrants’ train at a station in Bihar is being widely shared on social media. The video was reportedly filmed today in Katihar, around 300 km from state capital Patna. The tragic visuals have raised questions about railways’ claims of ensuring social distancing while running the special migrant trains during the lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus in the country..

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