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One of the least pleasant cat sounds is the caterwaul. This is the sound made by a cat in heat, which is her way of announcing to the world that she wants to mate. If the desire to help control the pet population isn’t enough to get your female cat spayed, listening to a caterwaul is an added incentive!.

Aborigines did not become Australian citizens until 1949, and it was not until the 1960s that they were constitutionally enfranchised. This period of Australian social history is well chronicled, but now little discussed in public. The argument that the most potent symbols of prejudice and indifference from that time should be kept as public aide memoire has validity, though of course this has to be weighed against the sensitivities of those who feel they continue to defame and caricature.That the War Memorial wants to canvass the views of indigenous Australians as to the final fate of the two gargoyles is commendable.

Lots of glass and mirrors, the functional parts of buildings and streets (pipes, wires, poles, etc.) made visible and interesting, information displays like the financial ticker for all kinds of activities, explicit recognition of our enhanced visibility and audibility, and therefore more awareness of the performative nature of our activities. If hiding information becomes more difficult, for corporations, institutions and individuals, then secrecy and privacy will have to be replaced by the shaping of the information we can’t help but give off: data is infinite but its processing in real time is finite and we can control the patterns that are going to be read off of us and the ones we read off of others. This all comes back to making our practices explicitly pedagogical, and instances of originary satire..

The Tennessee Walking horse is a truly American breed, originating on the southern plantations of Tennessee in the late 1700s. Plantation owners needed a horse that could cover a lot of ground quickly, while providing rider comfort at the same time. The first Walkers were the results of crossing Canadian Pacers with Narragansett Pacers, but since then, other breeds have been added to the mix.

Today I want to talk about purpose. But I not here to give you the standard commencement about finding your purpose. We millennials. Foreign service. At first glance, life inside an Embassy can seem very American: the canteen sells tuna melts and chicken nuggets, flyers advertise pickup softball games. But the barred windows and armed guards are reminders that the foreign service is not like living in America.

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