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MH: It was a really big test of patience. I come from a very traditional background, so I understand how much work goes into a two minute scene on TV and whatnot. I guess the biggest lesson in patience was not being able to show it for so long because we are so used to putting up an Instagram photo of us shooting a video and that video going up as quickly as the next day.

Lastly I don want to see professional full time cops being the armed/front line component of such a system, because the nature of the position attracts abusive types to the career. It a role that inherently carries with it power, and power attracts the worst sorts. The closest thing to modern police I would accept would be community based groups (no more hiring cops from the wealthy neighboring town to go beat up the poor folks elsewhere) of part time or temporary workers (with the exception of forensics techs and such, but anyone who has power of arrest and carries a gun for the law is who I talking about) whose job is not to go out and patrol looking for crime (because in practice this doesn prevent crime, it just terrorizes poor neighborhoods, especially those with a lot of people of color) but to respond to crime when reported in an investigatory/de escalatory manner (and carry higher scrutiny by law for their use of force than a civillian), and specialized units with extensive de escalation training and deep ties to the community they protect could have a SWAT role to be dispatched in the event of something like an act of violent terrorism, but again ALL OF THESE PEOPLE need to not be full time and should have day jobs, and need to hold the position for a very short period of time.

Many bros for a start! I didn bother responding, It is nice but I don want that. I should kept quiet and got fatter and fatter. Came one of the most careless lines ever to be uttered on radio: message is, when you feeling sad, tell no one. In 1991, Coakley was appointed head of a child abuse division in the Middlesex District Attorney office, which dealt with 900 cases a year of physical and sexual abuse. At a press conference Thursday, called for Coakley to respond to the ad, Coakley showed how personal the issue was for her, choking up briefly when she recalled an abuse victim who thanked her years later. “I seen those kids and I worked with them,” Coakley said..

It all about fluid motion and scoring a lot of points, so it different. When I was growing up, you never heard that. I never heard Magic [Johnson] say it. Swiss favorite Lara Gut crashed in practice before the slalom leg and tore her left anterior cruciate ligament .. Billionaire pizza mogul and Detroit Tigers and Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch died. He was 87.

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