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With two women in one man’s life, the women can be sure of unequal loyalty. Even for Hagar in a culture that accepted concubinage, and where it seemed that fertility would guarantee her a place in the household, life became miserable. For the arrangement to work, she would have had to retain the posture of slavery, allowing Sarah to own her and her child.

Joanne Thomas chats about what reopening will look like for patients and dentists as they plan to open their doors next Friday. Andrew Holland, National Media Relations director of the Nature Conservancy of Canada joins the show to talk about the end of No Mow May and tells us about the over 300 at risk species that are only found here in Canada. Scott Taylor of Esprit de Corps Magazine chats with Todd about the military report on seniors care and his thoughts on the situation of long term care and the military’s involvement.

Marie Sanga added: sunset was beautiful and with the waterspouts it was magical. Waterspouts are are intense columns of swirling clouds that form over a body of water. They are most commonly found in subtropical areas and disappear shortly after they come into contact with land or once the pressure has dissipated.

The pilot, which was eventually named Insecure, was bought by HBO in 2015 and ordered to series for a fall 2016 launch. The critically acclaimed series, which stars Rae and Yvonne Orji, recently finished airing its second season and has already received an order for a third. “I still very much feel like I’m ‘that Internet girl,'” Rae told Rolling Stone ahead of the show’s launch.

When you have time in your busy schedule to check your mail, you can always open the application and click the refresh button in the bottom, left hand corner to update it manually. Go to Settings, Fetch New Data, and then click on Hourly (or manually if you don’t check you mail too often). In this way, you not making the phone constantly checking for new mail when you don have time to check it anyways..

It emphasises the bride strength, refers to her home, and tells a story of teamwork and sharing. But perhaps the couples who dance to it are unwittingly revealing some more traditional views as well. In other lines, like found a girl beautiful and sweet / someone waiting for me / my girl, I be your man Perfect is no different from any other romantic pop ballad, reducing the female character to a pretty with no agency..

Happy Holiday season! I post an XMas photo from the Gaylord each week until Christmas. Here is another view of the Lone Star Atrium. The tree in the center rotates non stop long exposure give the fluid motion look! I really enjoy all the lights hanging from the ceiling.

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