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“It’s got to be stopped in some kind of way. The NBA has got to take a look at this. You can’t keep closing your eyes to this. The ride operator saw another father with a child, and he asked him to measure his height. When he did, he told him the child was too short. The father was adamant that he is riding with him, but the ride operator told him that he had to ride without him.

Then, within 24 hours of Ping opening to the public, the service was flooded by spammers claiming to be celebrities who were giving away free Apple products. So no one could use Ping without 18 different Rihannas offering them free iPhones in exchange for their social security numbers. Ping eventually got that plague under control, but it was a terrible first impression for an already disinterested public.

Because of the dangers hazardous materials pose, proper education and training are imperative to maintaining that level of safety. Few people thrive in a learning environment that involves sitting through drawn out, all day instructional sessions, but thankfully technology means online hazmat training is now an option for employees required to maintain compliance with hazmat training regulations. CHEMTREC’s convenient, self paced learning environment makes it easy for you, your business and your employees to ensure both safety and regulatory compliance..

The reports said her father had refused her permission to marry a man fifteen years her senior, spurring her to run away, but she was returned home after her father reported her. The legal marriage age in Iran is 13 for women. But what most outraged public opinion was the lenient punishment the father is likely to face, Ebtekar wrote.

Jazz: Gobert joined Mitchell on Monday as the second Utah to player to earn Western Conference Player of the Week honors this season. Gobert had his 55th double double of the season. Thabo Sefolosha returned after missing Saturday game against the Nets with left hamstring tightness and had six points in 12 minutes.

Freedom is not just being able to walk around unencumbered. It is being able to live without fear that one will be gunned down without reprisal or justice. It is knowing that you can earn a living wage and care for yourself and family. Make sure you cut the power before starting work on the project, and clean up any dust or debris inside the space before installing the new fan.Upgrade the ThermostatEnergy Star reports that homeowners can save up to 8% of their heating and cooling bills by switching to a smart thermostat. Programmable thermostats are available for less than $30, so it’s a win on the savings front.Change Doorknobs and DeadboltsChanging the interior and exterior doorknobs to matching finishes and styles can make a bigger difference than you might think. Plus, you’ll add a level of security by replacing loose keyed knobs and adding deadbolts to the exterior doors.Related: 6 Ways to Save Money on Home Improvements This SummerMake a Splash With a BacksplashGet rid of that grease stained area behind the counter with peel and stick tiles or vinyl that you cut to fit the space.

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