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The OCPC, when it learned of the timeline in which four chief complaints against the officer were laid, told Sloly in a March letter that they found the contents of the officer letter disturbing. The commission requested the chief turn over all documents related to why the complaints were laid and when. The OCPC said Sloly told them the four conduct complaints against the officer were unrelated to the commission ongoing Jaswal investigation..

I also talk about a rather weird area these fish have been found living in.2Tropical Fish AquariumsHow to Make a C02 Reactor and Diffuser for a Planted Fish Tank, DIYby Writen4u 9 years agoI have had a lot of friends asking how I keep my aquarium plants so green and healthy. The trick is to have good lighting (around 1.5w per gallon) and carbon dioxide to help your plants grow when that good lighting is on. Well, the fact is, they’re neither.

Hello!not actually replying to this comment was just trying to figure out a way to get in touch with you!I just moved to Durham from NYC for work, and was looking through HN to see if there were any ongoing meetups, etc. In the area. Saw your post about an RTP meetup (https: any luck getting this started?Even if not, would love any tips you might have for meeting new people getting involved in the tech community around here.

According to FBI investigative reports, mechanic Edmund Kolakowski did his usual pre flight inspection of the aircraft that afternoon. He checked for loose rivets, the rudder hinge fittings and the tail. Another mechanic, Paul Doan, hooked up a tow bar on the tail wheel and found a nail in the tire.

GKB Opticals recognised that effective safety wear for the eyes should provide not just exact vision and protection for the eyes (in terms of lens strength, durability, wrap, and non corrosive nature) but also not irritate the skin around the eyes. It also takes into account the atmosphere and working conditions of the wearers. With all this in mind, the safety eyewear is made of impact resistant material like nylon and polycarbonate, and is customised to provide maximum comfort to each individual wearer..

I thought, not good. We come into the locker room and he was jumping around so, he good. I remember at the start of the game Dave gave Hank the magic water from Space Jam. It is still debated whether the Residential line by Russell Wright, or the Branchell Color Flyte line sold and produced the most popular set. My favorite hands down is the Russell Wright which after 50 plus years retains its hard durable shine and is heavier that Color Flyte. A starter set of dinnerware service for four, retailed on average for $15.00 to $20.00 in the 1950s and 1960s, and completion sets with serving dishes averaged $20..

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