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The vote count in the governor’s race was neck and neck all Tuesday night, but for Question 4 it was never really close. The ballot measure, which requires companies with 11 or more employees to offer paid sick time off, won an easy victory because it addressed a nagging issue for much of the working public. The margins were large enough to suggest that even many supporters of Republican Charlie Baker who opposed the measure had voted for it..

Know that circumstances or events beyond our control could mean that the final schedule potentially may look different to the one released today, but we be doing everything we can to get as much international cricket in as possible this summer. We will communicate any changes to the schedule if or when they are required. Several theories were floated, including playing at one hub to ensure a bio secure environment but the scheduling suggests that it wasn endorsed..

I really like it! I enjoyed the “call and response” that happens twice, my feedback would be to make the cuts between the two samples a little bit tighter since it sounds like the song has just decided to take a wild turn in a different direction. Subjectively, it might make sense to play up the bass and rhythm in the mix when it goes from the first call to the response so that the listener doesn get as much whiplash when it happens for the first time. That depends on what kind of effect you going for though; if you trying to get that sort of more chaotic “swing from one side of the room to the other” then I think you want to play up the contrast between the call and response..

KAMENETZ: Well, most people seem to agree that it has to do with how it’s taught way back from the beginning. You know, students who major in elementary education they’re going to be grade school teachers they have the highest rates of math anxiety of any college major. And they bring that into the classroom.

IS: No, she well, I brought in a couple of prints and showed her what I was doing. So she hadn’t seen an actual painting until recently. But a good friend of mine caters for her openings a lot of the time, and she told Wally, “You should check out this Ian Shults guy.” And Wally said she’d heard my name before other people had mentioned me to her and so she called me up that day, 10 minutes later.

Vouchers for 6 weeks of free delivery will be posted to your address. Take these vouchers with you to your chosen newsagent to claim your free 6 week delivery. Payment for newspapers still required. According to Saxon, Max getting shot is going to have major ramifications for the rest of the season. “There’s been a lot of chaos and a lot of drama in the dynamics with the family as well as the friend group so far but this is such a jarring moment that everyone is going to stop and re evaluate,” he says. “It gives everyone pause and they have to figure out how they’re going to move forward from such a traumatic event.

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