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A judge who demanded a southern Maine woman get married before he’d agree to let her change her name has been overruled. The Portland Press Herald reported that the Maine Supreme Judicial Court threw out a lower court ruling that Carol Boardman, of Standish, couldn’t change her last name to that of her boyfriend without marrying the guy. The judge who rejected the name change said he thought it would be legally deceptive people would think the couple was married, and they wouldn’t be.

How to Identify Pure Cashmere?How to Tell if it is Real Cashmere and 100% Pure?It is in fact very difficult for end customer to identify that the cashmere you are buying is really 100% pure or not. Does it Itch? If it itches, then definitely its not pure cashmereMake sure Cashmere doesn’t shine like silk. As pure cashmere doesn’t shine like silk.

When the Grizzlies needed someone to get them out of the first round against the heavily favored, top seeded Spurs, Z Bo put them on his broad shoulders, scoring 13 points in the final four minutes of the clincher. That why he risen in the ranks. With an array of moves and an assortment of conventional and unconventional shots down low and a big backside to hold the position he needs he now a force..

The second such story comes from my mother. This was when she, too, was a single young woman in about 1942, working at an office in Hawaii, 6,000 miles from her home in Massachusetts. Again, this was before the instant around the world news flash. Then he bought the next one and the next one and the next one, and throughout the last, I guess, 11 or 12 years, he has pivoted his business model. He’s gone into different services. He’s done some online stuff, he’s now branched out to a national brand and he started licensing..

If you abruptly stop taking the medication, it can trigger discontinuation syndrome, which is essentially withdrawal. You might experience dizziness, insomnia, and flu like symptoms. If you don’t want to take your SSRI anymore, discuss this with your doctor, so you can slowly and gradually decrease the dose.

Stenrud Melvin Stenrud, 98, one month before his 99th birthday, St. Louis Park, died Thursday, August 11. He was preceded in death by his loving wife of 57 years, Mildred; and his brother, Clarence. I was disappointed to see what was happening to Heidi, a friend of mine from Norway, who was relentlessly pushed around by the other kids. It broke my heart when they beat her up, which they did as often as they could get away with it. Heidi was a smart and proud young girl, and I started sticking up for her and tried to make the kids stop hurting her.

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