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This whole party line from boards that they can get involved in police operational information was created by the police and adopted by boards who generally act like the three monkeys: no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Time our police boards stopped acting like cop groupies. If the chief of police won be forthright with us, they should have the spine to ask the tough questions on our behalf..

Over the years, it was made into a true crime novel, called “Blind Faith” by Joe McGinniss and a TV mini series.The main reason for Thompson’s acquittal in the Maria Marshall murder was an alibi sworn testimony from three family members that Thompson was in Louisiana on Sept. 7, 1984.”We always knew he got off because of a lot of people lying,” Churchill said yesterday. “We knew Larry Thompson was the guy, and it was a phony alibi.”Solving that piece of the murder had been on his bucket list ever since, he added.As it turns out, a cold case 1,400 miles away in Louisiana helped Churchill cross that item off his list.Early last year, investigators from Louisiana called the 70 year old former lawman, now semi retired, to talk about the Marshall case.

“The prosecution went into this case with 18 charges and three defendants,” said Bob Wilson, a former district attorney in neighboring Dekalb County. “Two thirds of the original charges are gone, and one third of their defendants are gone. I think there are serious questions about how well this case was investigated.”.

The furor over Oakley’s arrest, compounded by his indefinite Garden ban, has unified a fan base sickened over the past 15 years during which the Knicks have won just one playoff series. They are on their way to a fourth straight losing season. Smith tattoo shirt which depicted Smith’s ink covered torso that sold more than 6,000 after the Cavaliers won the NBA title last year..

This week, we offer TechCrunch Extra Crunch subscribers exclusive tips on building extraordinary teams. Plus, the final piece in TechCrunch Greg Kumparak series on Niantic, the fast growing developer of Pokemon Go. If you recall, we’ve captured much of Niantic’s ongoing story in the first three parts of our EC 1, from itsbeginnings as an “entrepreneurial lab” within Google, to itsspin out as an independent company and the launch of Pokmon GO, to its ongoing focus onbecoming a platform for others to build augmented reality products upon..

He reminds me he is death to some folks, a role he rather resents having given up to Baron Samedi in the new world. Then he laughs because he is Baron Samedi. No matter how many pieces we hack him into he will restore himself. This is another reason we want to wait until he older. Taking on a teen now would entirely change the dynamic of our family and for an only child, becoming a younger sibling is kind of a mind fuck. If we do this, we want to do it well, and (unfortunately) there will always be at risk LGBT (and other) teens needing love and care..

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