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Or not quite full time: Like any good shot, she also entered skeet competitions, as ubiquitous in 19th century rural America as pickup basketball games are in Chicago or Detroit or New York today. That’s where she met her future husband, the marksman Frank Butler. We don’t know for sure whether she beat him at their first meeting by two clay pigeons or one.

Next you’ll want to make sure that there is dirt on the bottom of the bin. The next thing you put into it is excrement, either yours or your animals or preferably both. After that you will want to add weeds, grass clippings, food waste like egg shells and potato peelings (really anything that rots can go into it) and then finally on top of it all you should put hay or straw.

I was amazed as she pulled out powder, wipes, and a small treasure chest of toys, snacks and pacifiers. I had to ask. “Ma’am, is that a laptop I see hidden down there?” She was more than happy to tell me all about her new Mobile Edge Casual Laptop Tote, where to buy it, and how amazingly roomy it was.

Boundaries4. Set clear boundaries. It is important in any relationship to clearly define how you will treat others, and how you will allow yourself to be treated. This will happen when you constantly are a mystery for him. You must be a bundle of surprises for him, which he can never predict. You should plan out special dates and weekends for both of you.

If you have a house that has equity but can’t grab the equity, now might be the best time to sell. Many markets are currently inflated, and if you’ve been living in it for two years, you get to take the gains tax free. There are lots of options available make sure you take time to consider them all..

Hubber W. R. Shinn is excited about his first installment in his Jake and Rebekah series. Also, you want to dry out your brakes so you’ll be able to stop when you need them. To do this, pull onto a side road or at least off the freeway. You want to be in an area with minimal traffic, so as not to annoy or create a hazard for other drivers..

When choosing card games to play for brain fitness, bypass those endless games of solitaire that become routine and boring. Instead, play games like pinochle, bridge or canasta that exercise memory, concentration, strategy and math skills. Choose something new and challenging, and make an effort to learn new games every so often.

One of the newest rides at the park is Lost Kingdom Adventure in Land of Adventure. Blazing along in an all terrain roadster, riders recover stolen treasure by blasting targets with laser guns and compete for high score. In Pirate Shores, Legoland’s water park, Splash Battle pits riders against each other and spectators as riders fire water cannons.

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