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NOTE: The featured image above is apparently from a Netflix show(partially confirmed), however, the origins of the graphic I used in this post change nothing in relation to the legitimacy of the assertion made in the headline that 35k + kids were rescued from a clandestine Hat DUMB facility. Sources confirm(video below) that 35k + kids were taken out of a facility under the Ozarks in Missouri/Arkansas. Hear Decode give his insider scoop with Rick[YouTube] or Cirsten[BitChute] if you want to stay up with what being reported as more events rescues transpire during this underground war with Cabal Additionally HERE is an extensive list of other Q Patriot content creators/citizen journalists to follow..

‘The same with Duncan Fletcher. He sat me down during the one day series in South Africa at the start of that year and said, “I want you in the Test set up”. To have the backing of the boss was huge. The so called attorney general’s curse also hung over Coakley. She is now the fourth Massachusetts AG since 1990 to fail to make the leap to chief executive. Questions she faced at the end of the campaign concerning allegations brought to her attention about former House Speaker Sal DiMasi illustrate the problem for prosecutors who run for higher office.

The full list isn available yet but we do know you be able to score a ketchupy phone case for about $50. The collection doesn launch on Heinz website until Friday, Ketchup Day. I wonder if there be an accessory to get that last little bit of ketchup out of the damn bottle?.

After Dayton’s Reception Room reflection, the Preservation Commission formed an art subcommittee, bringing together experts from the state’s art, historical, legislative, and cultural bodies. The art subcommittee would pass recommendations on to the Preservation Commission and then work with the Minnesota Historical Society to reach a final decision. The experts were charged with reviewing all 148 artworks in the Capitol, including the seemingly endless governors’ portraits and much Civil War memorabilia.

Well known exponents of nonsense poetry include Edward Lear, inventor of the limerick, and Lewis Carroll who wrote Jabberwocky, perhaps the most quoted nonsense poem in history. Journey to the Cliffs of Reason, take a risk with Inkum Jinkum, sing love songs to a camel and meet Zeus, in a dressing gown. Anything is possible.

North American colonies were significantly impacted by their British heritage and culture and thus, took no qualm with continuing to make use of slaves for service and production. Due to the fact that early access to African slaves was limited, quite often these slaves were in fact white. For Britain, white populations were easier to come by and slavery was simply not a matter of color or race, rather, it was a matter of displacing undesired populations, ensuring debts were fully paid and boosting production all of which were aimed at encouraging a strong economy..

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