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I did not know what to expect. It was ok. Quiet. For others, the billboard approach has its benefits. It like a dark take on the holiday circular a quick, pro forma way of notifying people about your life. Don want to call people up and dump a bunch of shit on them, but I don mind if they know my life got screwed up.

Cans of blueberry pie filling into the baking dish. Smooth over the filling with the back of a spoon. Baking times will vary.. Claire Foster, accessories director at global trend forecaster WGSN, says Clearly’s focus on in house designs is an important competitive advantage in the vast eyewear industry. “Customers are far more likely to be loyal to eyewear brands once they find one that works for them,” she says. “So, especially when it comes to e commerce, defining a brand and having in house signature details is important to help build trust and recognition with consumers.”.

Bill Kirby, David Clukey, Norman Bridge 12, 4. Mike Wasilewski, Roberta Kirby, Rick Ricker, Dick Colver, 4; Pins: No. 4 Bob Sawyer 24 0, David Clukey 32 0. The decline of all the beautiful birds is terrifying. It is caused by pesticides and Geoengineering that is causing climate change and the death of all living under the barium, aluminium, and tons of other deadly poisons sprayed by jets and the earth. It is not only killing the birds, bees, trees, humans but everything it falls on.

I wonder if that’s more a literary device for me, rather than, say, an inherent interest of mine. I don’t know that happy people are interesting to write about or to read about. It seems to me that people that are more in flux, I suppose, are better at holding my attention.

I have never looked at any of these ailments as a death sentence. I look at these things as just excess baggage that I carry around with me. As I’m fond of saying, I can still walk, talk and chew gum at the same time. This sounds like a great book Chris! I’mG going to have to see if I can get my hands on it! I’ve heard otrehs mention it but you really intrigued me with it in this post. The themes you took away from it completely resonate to my own sense of what is true about reality. We are not our bodies.

Z’s (and our) go to? Self tanner, which creates the appearance of even toned (and more toned) skin. We also like to use a bronzing body oil to smooth things over. (We’re currently loving Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Body, which has a subtle shimmer that somehow makes everything look a little better.).

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