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Fitch now expects the GDP of Spain to fall by 9.6% (compared to 7.5% in the end April GEO), by 9.5% in Italy ( 8.0%) and by 9.0% in France ( 7.0%) in 2020. The lockdown in the UK also looks set to last longer than previously assumed; with a sharp fall in GDP published by the Office for National Statistics for March, Fitch now expect the economy to contract by 7.8% this year (compared to 6.3% before).Fitch expects output in EM excluding China to fall by 4.5% this year compared to a predicted fall of 1.9% before. This large revision reflects the deterioration in the health crisis in many of the largest EMs over the past month or so, including in Brazil, India and Russia.

The location of Egbert Stone is explicit enough, in that it was in the eastern part of Selwood Forest. But what of cglea (Asser), glea (Henry of Huntingdon), Iglea (Anglo Saxon Chronicle)? The evidence of the Place Names of Wiltshire (EPNS, Gover) appears clear, to the satisfaction of scholars, that this was a place called Iley Oak, in Eastleigh Wood, near Sutton Veny on the southern edge of Salisbury Plain. This, it seems, was the Saxon meeting place for Heytesbury and Warminster Hundreds, but not only does it not exist now, there seems no trace of such a place in Domesday, which is a bit annoying..

It is the weekend!!! Who is up for a beer about a speciaal bier?? When walking around the Grand Place in Brussels one afternoon I walked into a liquor store to check it out. So many options out the sizes of those bad boys!! European beer rocks! For those that have been around Europe, what is your favorite beer? Pub in London, local German beer, French Beer?? Hmmmm. I must say in my opinion, Czech Beer is pretty awesome! In a town called Bad Kreuznach in Germany, this one local beer I had was tough to beat as well! Now I was told once, that the meaning of in front of a city name in Germany stands for or Spa A natural spring may be in the city natural water may lead to better tasting beer??? Enjoy the weekend! Cheers!!.

Effort to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians in return for his dashing about the world as Bush’s most enthusiastic supporter.More than that, the British public came to feel that Blair had lied to them in making the case for war, most notably with his claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction which he was prepared to use.They believed that Blair and his one time press secretary Alastair Campbell had doctored security services material to find an excuse for joining Bush in his war.It was not just the war itself, it was the excessive “spin” indulged in by Blair and his spokesmen which saw the British public, and then his own party, lose trust in Blair.The inquiries he was forced to concede after the suicide of weapons scientist Dr. David Kelly, who had been named as the source of allegations the British government had “sexed up” its anti Saddam dossier, revealed the inner workings of government as never before, exposing Downing Street’s already suspected obsession with spin and media manipulation.He failed in his ambition to remove British suspicions of the European Union and take his country into the Single European Currency the last option firmly blocked by his long time Finance Minister and eventual successor Gordon Brown.Nor did it help Blair’s reputation that as he approached the end in office his administration was tainted by the “cash for honours” scandal which saw him questioned by the police.That affair was about channelling funds to his party, not about personal enrichment, but it left a sour trail behind a man who had promised to clean up public life.Certainly the public has not taken kindly to the riches swiftly amassed by Blair since he left office. In general the populace does not seem to object to retired politicians earning solid sums from joining the boards of public companies.

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