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A BIG MISS FOR KIDSEven now, 40ish years later, I can still remember the pride I felt at my high school graduation ceremony. It signalled the end of our childhood and most of our teen years. Saying goodbye to the teachers we admired and the friends we made, we were now ready to go out and face the world and, of course, change it for the better.

It averages 166 million daily active users, compared to 229 million for Snapchat, 500 million for Instagram or 1.66 billion for the most popular social network, Facebook.Verizon Media (which includes TechCrunch, the Huffington Post and AOL), Amazon, Apple, the Weather Channel and even PayPal get way more traffic than Twitter.So why are we all talking about Twitter? You can thank President Donald Trump for putting Jack Dorsey’s social platform on the front page, due to his heated war of words and deeds with the internet company.It has an outsize influence that resonates far beyond the people who visit. “Twitter has a small user base of a few hundred million, but its reach is to billions, as the content is shared and embedded in global media,” says Jeremiah Owyang, an analyst with Kaleido Insights.To recap, Twitter put a “Get the Facts,” warning label on a tweet by the president, which claimed mail in ballots would produce election fraud. Trump responded the next day by signing an executive order which, by his own admission,will get tested by the courts.On Friday, Twitter escalated it further, by blocking a Trump tweet that called Minneapolis rioters “thugs,” and threatened to have them shot, saying it glorified violence.

Ms. Jones, a two time world hurdling champion, is no doubt an enormously talented athlete. But some have at times expressed doubts that her fame and resulting endorsements equal her hurdling wins. The lines are long, the food is expensive and someone forgot to wear deodorant (more on that later). That’s bad. But what’s good is that everyone else around you is going through the same damn thing, so commiserate together.

Little Falls took a thrilling 1 0 walk off win against Frankfort Schuyler in eight innings. Jordan Baumeister pitched a complete game, two hit shutout for the win, while Trinity Critelli was a tough luck loser after going 7 2/3 dominant innings and allowing only an unearned run on three hits, plus 0 walks against 19 strikeouts. Box score.

When she was a child, she approached her mom with an “I want.” statement. Her dad stepped in and told her, “When you say, ‘I want,’ you need to follow that with the words, ‘to give you.’ ” Thinking quickly, she replied, “Okay. I want to give you a list of what I want.”.

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