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Many of whom feel they been nickeled and dimed to death, that we not going to just raise taxes to figure out how to pay the bills,” Baker said.Baker declined to pledge that he would not raise fees.”It depends which fee you talking about and what it associated with,” Baker said.Coakley has not ruled out raising taxes and says she will first identify what priorities she wants to invest in.Coakley has said she will not raise taxes on the middle class. Asked how to do that, in a state with a flat income tax, Coakley said she believes taxes should be raised “on people who are the top 2 percent.”Coakley said she would be open to “exploring ways to do a graduated income tax.”Instituting a graduated income tax would require a constitutional amendment. After the debate, Coakley said she would study a graduated income tax, but “I not saying I adopted any of those ideas.”Another significant policy difference came on immigration.

In “Coin of the Realm,” a collection of critical essays that he published in 2004, Carl Phillips outlined a literary sensibility that’s helpful to keep in mind while reading his poems. “For me, to write is a form of prayer, however secular the subject of the writing at hand,” he told readers. “Writing is as private as prayer it contains, as prayer does, an implicit faith in there being somewhere a listener and at the same time a sober realization that prayer is finally one directional.”.

“I think social distancing is difficult in an office setting,” Dr. Bob Lahita, a professor of medicine at New York Medical College, told CBSN anchors Vladimir Duthiers and Anne Marie Green.The CDC has recommended a set of sweeping changes that could help make things safer for office workers, including adjusting workspaces to keep at least a six foot distance between people, adding transparent barriers to separate employees, and improving ventilation systems.”When we’re talking about an office where people are in cubicles, it’s probably OK because they can wear a mask and they don’t have to come in contact with the guy or lady next to them,” Lahita said. “But when you are not talking about cubicles and people gather at the water cooler or the coffee machine, this can be difficult.”According to Sam Cochran, a features director at Architectural Digest, those water coolers and coffee machines are features of the office environment that will have to go altogether.”I think there’s a lot of small but meaningful changes coming our way,” Cochran told CBSN.

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