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I have a deep freeze, and I have to be careful about stuffing it full of great deals. Too many deals may get lost in a big freezer. They may get buried or forgotten. But the only thing we can say for sure is that the video being that it is a cell phone video seems to lend credence to the story, and then there is the resemblance between the old man and Hakan which is uncanny. Then there are the tattoos, some people have commented that their tattoos don’t even match in size or that they are too much of a perfect match to be real, well take into consideration that if you age some forty years your skin will stretch and the ink will blotch and fade, then in regards to them matching, well if they are the same person of course they will match perfect but look close at the tattoos when you examine this video and you be the judge. I for one believe it is true, Hakan seems sincere in his account of the story..

The ManGarrison was not the first abolitionist, but he was the first to advocate immediate universal emancipation. Before embarking on his own newspaper, Garrison edited The Genius of Universal Emancipation for Quaker Elijah Lovejoy. During this same time period, he also came in contact with many of the free black abolitionists in Philadelphia.

“. The B 17 was primarily employed by theUnited States Army Air Forces (USAAF) in the daylight precisionstrategic bombingcampaign ofWorld War II againstGerman industrial, civilian, and military targets. TheUnited States Eighth Air Force based inEngland and theFifteenth Air Force based inItaly complemented theRAF Bomber Command nighttime area bombing inOperation Pointblank, to help secure air superiority over the cities, factories and battlefields of Western Europe in preparation forOperation Overlord. The B 17 also participated, to a lesser extent, in theWar in the Pacific, where it conducted raids against Japanese shipping and airfields..

Everyone’s just thinking about what’s best for the story.”He gets notes from Weinstein on his writing, who will place a red mark next to spots that need work. “He’ll put a red mark next to it and say ‘make that funnier’. It’s like, okay can’t get much better direction than that! Put joke here! Make jokes funnier! My goal now is to havetoo manyjokes, I wanna make it TOO funny, so they have to strip it back.”Upon asking Briggs how he manages to deal with suffering idiots, Briggs says that it’s important to remember that all the best comedy comes from tragedy.Finally, I request that Briggs summarise his experience working with comedic genius Matt Groening in one Simpsons quote.

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