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But in addition to his work as the man behind such bestselling novels as “The Great Santini” and “The Prince of Tides,” Conroy was also one of the nation’s and perhaps the world’s most enthusiastic lovers of books.Conroy celebrated his bibliophilia in his 2010 memoir, “My Reading Life,” which recalled how his connection with the written word got him through a troubled youth as the peripatetic son of an abusive military officer the inspiration for the title character of “The Great Santini.” An often lonely military brat, Conroy found solace at the public library, where he was inspired to build a private library of his own.”My Reading Life” is a running love letter to traditional books a celebration of how they feel and smell, and the stories and language they hold inside.Here, in tribute of Conroy and his abiding affection for the treasures of his bookshelf, are five passages from “My Reading Life”:As Georgia reopens, is it creating a model for America?1) “I take it as an article of faith that the novels I’ve loved will live inside me forever. Let me call on the spirit of Anna Karenina as she steps out onto the train tracks of Moscow in the last minute of her glorious and implacable life. Let me beckon Madame Bovary to issue me a cursory note of warning whenever I get suicidal or despairing as I live out a life too sad by half.

“With golf, I realized I was nothing special. I started realizing I wasn’t such a special dude after all. I accepted the fact I am not omnipotent.”There is no complete list of athletes who have appeared in professional golf events, but some other notable names who belong in this first group of competitors include football’s Mark Rypien, Al Del Greco, and Billy Joe Tolliver; baseball’s Erik Hanson, Shigetoshi Hasegawa, and Mark Mulder; hockey’s Dan Quinn (who also caddied for Ernie Els); soccer’s Roy Wegerle and Andriy Shevchenko; and tennis’ Yevgeny Kafelnikov, who like the soccer players competed on Europe’s top tours.Sam ByrdGolf as a second actRomo is a good golfer but having only turned 40 in April is a long way from being eligible for PGA Tour Champions.

Bhutto went home to become the first woman prime minister of an Islamic nation. That in itself was a major achievement. Pakistani women nurtured hopes of improving their lot. The Defense Production Act enacted by the president also designates the masks a “scarce material” that is illegal to hoard and sell at above prevailing market rates. Companies kept shipping masks overseas even as hospitals ran out and despite warningsDemand surged again after the CDC changed course April 3, recommending all Americans wear masks in public.Third party vendors swooped in, preying on innocent buyers with a variety of fake offers, counterfeits, deceptive marketing and fraud. By then, 3M was ready with a fraud hotline and website.

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