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Using CarPlay is more distracting than driving drunk). If you’ve got one or the other brand of smartphone, there’s no reason to switch for use in your vehicle. Either system will get the job done. The concept of personal life is not a static one as the term family is considered to be. Instead it is a concept which is fluid in nature and can be changed by the individual’s life course. It takes into account generational values, ageing etc., all of which influence individual choice.

Interior packaging is done well for the most part. The center console area is pushed down lower than rear drive BMWs, giving you a wide open space for drinks and storage of other items. There are big, useful bins in the doors, too. With the end of the 2010s upon us, The Post polled 43 members of its sports department across a variety of categories to determine the best and worst of the decade. Through Dec. 31, we’ll be revealing how our staff voted.

It actually was a nice day in Yosemite. A bit overcast, but the winds were calm and the temperature was about 35 degrees. Just a bit above freezing. This coursework is a valuable complement to studies in psychology, social work, sociology, and child development.Master’s Program OptionsThe General Social Science option is a flexible interdisciplinary program which allows students to tailor a program to their specific academic or career goals, drawing on curricula from departments in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, as well as history, and other university programs. While possibilities are varied, some examples include focusing on student services administration, public policy evaluation, and history/government/world affairs.The Social Science Education Option is designed primarily for primary and secondary teachers. It expands student knowledge of history, social science and international studies subject matter, in order to broaden their teaching methodology and develop their leadership abilities..

ICE confirmed that there were detainee hunger strikes at its facilities in El Paso and Otero, New Mexico, late last week, but it would not comment on the claims of forced hydration or force feeding. One of the hunger strikers in Otero was deported to India eight days into his hunger strike, according to Corchado. ICE does not confirm deportations..

And then, two weeks before he started, a terrorist attack left thousands dead and gripped the nation. Spear wife and son were both in New York at the time, and his son girlfriend, who worked in the World Trade Center, found herself running for her life as the twin towers crumbled behind her. Was a tense time.

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