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We are now up to at least 10 coronavirus vaccines under development and investors are pricing in just one coming to market, and that it will be timely, effective and allow for a complete return to normality (pipe dream).Nobody ever seems to notice that the long bond has generated a 25 per cent total return in 2020. We’ll keep that our little secretBe that as it may, bond investors retain a hefty dose of skepticism over the V shaped recovery view embraced by the stock market. As everyone celebrates the Nasdaq 4.9 per cent year to date uptick and that the S is down 6.1 per cent, nobody ever seems to notice that the long bond has generated a 25 per cent total return in 2020.

What are the technicalities involved in creating Banarasi brocade?Payal Khandwala: Brocades require a complicated graphing and punching process, which is tedious and mathematical in its inception. Sometimes there can be thousands of punched cards depending on the design. The design and repeat dictates the number of cards and the complexity of the design.

Five million Canadians have suddenly started to work from home during the current pandemic to add to the two million already set up to work remotely pre COVID.As a raft of Canadians try to circumnavigate their new regime, conventional and social media are replete with tips, complaints, and jokes about just how to do it, as well as the attendant pratfalls.With the government encouraging people to stay in, we are quickly forgetting that legally employees have no right to work from their homes. Even if they can do so equally efficiently, which is seldom the case, the employer decides where work must be performed. Social distancing, necessary protective equipment and ill employees not permitted to attend, companies have an absolute right to require employees to turn up at the appointed workplace or risk losing their jobs.With productivity plummeting, many employers have considerable misgivings about their now empty workplaces.

Lee pays for his own season tickets but has rarely been to games the last few seasons. The 62 year old said Garden security ordered him to leave the arena Monday because he went through the wrong entrance. Lee said he used that entrance for over 20 years.

They’d said that so many times, and Bonnie and Clyde and their gang would just pick up machine guns and mow everybody down. They had guns, like, in their laps. So there’d been too many killings, and the police had come to a decision. Prior to unleashing his behemoth track on the world, Hill was just a kid trying to go viral in an increasingly digital world. “I was doing Facebook comedy videos, then I moved over to Instagram, and then I hopped on Twitter,” he told Rolling Stone last April. “That is where I really was a master.

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