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Unfortunately, drilling for oil is very dangerous and expensive. For every 100 oil wells drilled only 44 produced oil and obviously it becomes even more expensive and dangerous when drilling for oil offshore. It cost about 80 dollars a barrel to drill for oil offshore compare to drilling for oil in the Middle East at 5 dollars a barrel..

“Why would a millionaire, who can probably get any woman, be doing kiddie porn?” Momchilov asked. “His answer was he was so bored with adults because he could buy any one of them. He wanted another challenge. The visit of Govind Singh Thakur, who happens to be the husband of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) lawmaker Rambai Thakur to the Madhya Pradesh assembly, has triggered a huge controversy. The Congress, which has 114 seats in the state assembly, enjoys only a slim lead over the BJP’s 108 in the state assembly with seven legislators extending outside support. Two of these are from the BSP..

Jackson, Tracy L. Krape, Holly A. Kus, Laurie M. Liquid vacuum tube this is a short 3 foot rubber or plastic hose that attaches to the vacuum chamber. With the help of fans and airflow it provides suction. The tube is connected to a detachable urine container with different ones for males and females.

The first question that popped into my mind about the Columbine killers was, “What was their sex life like?” It’s very difficult to be a man in today’s post industrial culture, with its bland service sector jobs and endless paper shuffling deskwork. All you have before you is eternal tethering to parents, teachers, boss, wife. There’s little room for genuine masculine adventure and achievement.

First reported as a casual mention in a Wall Street Journal article earlier this week, a YouTube spokesperson confirmed the number to Mashable on Wednesday. And things are moving fast with the video sharing giant the company just announced in May that users were watching a piddling three billion hours of footage per month. That’s the number YouTube still reports on its official press page as of this writing..

One quick, mildly dangerous, and outright unendorsed way of fixing junk soldering jobs in computers is by tossing the mother board in the oven. For a detailed look at how this fixed two of my computers (and a third for my parents since then,) please check out my previous article on the matter. In all three cases of doing this, the computer ran just as well as before the baking, the problem was alleviated, and I have had no issues in the two years since I did it (two months in the case of the most recent.) This has fixed everything from computers that won’t start up, unresponsive wireless cards, and monitoring related issues.

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