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But more seriously, this is 1. From multiple perspectives, with the understanding that realization of an object can only be achieved through multiple fragments, and that any “whole” or “unity” is a comforting myth (think of how you inspect a dodecahedron die. You can only turn one face toward you while occluding the others, such that you only take in the “whole” of the object in fragments (cue higher dimensional Riemann jokes in ATD that tickle the brain); so Pynchon aesthetic literary move is a development and fusion of what Picasso started with perspective cubism and continental/heideggerian philosophy of ontology/metaphysics/epistemology).

Mike Hauge, Minnehaha Academy/DeLaSalle, 12 0; Ryan Swenson, Dawson Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley, dec. Zach Pederson, Princeton, 16 5; Dallen Rud, Byron, dec. Chevy Goble, Foley, 5 1; Joey Stadnick, Watertown Mayer/Mayer Lutheran, pinned Weston Schwartz, Zimmerman, 1:20; Nick Wanzek, Simley, dec.

Death of George Floyd while in the custody of former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin. And like in other cities, what began as a march in the afternoon transformed into a riot as the day wore on. Police cars were torched, windows were smashed, stores looted.

After completing 8 years in the Army, Daniela Iacovou was honorably discharged as a Specialist. Throughout her Military career, Daniela was awarded several Army Accommodation Medals and Army Achievement medals. In 2009, Daniela was hired as a Sheriff’s Officer by the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department in New Brunswick, NJ where she is currently assigned to the family division and works in the juvenile courts.

The picture was all wrong. No way, no accident. When I analysed it more closely, the fact that she was made to wait in the foyer of the hotel in France for the car to come around to the door, the car that flashed and clipped her car, and disappeared never to be found, and the fact that she was taken into an ambulance and less than an hour later, preserved from the waist down in formaldehyde, I knew.

And of course, and we’ll talk about this in the industry, there are often problems with a debt that’s being bought and sold. And also there’s not a ton of regulation going on. So this insurance program that I think of it as this promise that Brandon made is meaningful because there are real problems, and there’s not a lot of recourse, as far as the law, for people once they’ve gotten burned..

We took a day trip down to Kemah Amusement Park (about 40 mins away). Not so great, but our little one enjoyed it very much! So it was worth it. Lots to do in Houston. However, the relaxations would not be applicable in many areas in 13 cities that account for 70% of the Covid 19 cases, which have been declared as containment areas. The Centre has asked the states to identify the containment centres on high risk factors such as confirmation rate, fatality rate, doubling rate, tests per million people etc. The Centre has already shared its parametres with the state governments asking them to search for Covid 19 cases through house to house surveillance, contact tracing, testing protocol and clinical management of active cases..

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