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Cisco Systems Inc, the world’s biggest telecommunications equipment provider, said on its website that it is reviewing dozens of products to see if they are safe. It uncovered about a dozen that are vulnerable, including a TelePresence video conferencing server, a version of the IOS software for managing routers. A company spokesman declined to comment on how those issues might affect users, saying Cisco would provide more information as it became available..

The basic global route map has remained the same since the beginning of the Jet Age 60 years ago, with a strong bias favoring the western airlines who pioneered it. At that time China was virtually a void on the map. Now it’s looking more like the center of the world.With America withdrawing from its world leadership role and into a protectionist trade war, now compounded by China’s repressive actions against Hong Kong, the Chinese overlords have been handed a clear path to drive the future growth and fashion the shape of air travel throughout Asia and the Pacific..

UK general election, due on May 6, will be the first to take place since 2005The ruling Labour Party has held power since 1997, current leader is Gordon BrownOpinion polls point to a closer contest than many observers expected a year agoElection will see the first live televised debates between party leadersLondon, England (CNN) The worst kept secret in British politics is now officially confirmed and the UK will go to the polls for a general election on May 6 to elect 650 members of the House of Commons.It will be a far closer contest than many had expected a year ago. Then a huge lead for the Conservative Party, led by David Cameron, made it look a racing certainty that the Tories, as they are known, would be heading back to government for the first time since 1997.The depths of the recession, the unpopularity of Britain’s rather dour Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the parliamentary expenses scandals which the public seemed to blame more on the ruling Labour Party, although all were tainted had led to widespread predictions of a Conservative landslide.But over the past few months the opinion poll gap has closed. As an election approaches people think less “Do I like the present government?” and more “Who do I trust to run the country for the next five years?” as they answer pollsters’ questions.Some Conservative policies unraveled swiftly on public presentation and, with unemployment and public debt decreasing faster than expected, the possibility of a “hung Parliament” (in which no party holds an overall majority) has been much talked about.What many had forgotten was the extent of the electoral mountain the Conservatives have to climb in order to wrest power from Brown’s Labour Party.

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