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OptiShot 2 is one of the most accurate and compact golf simulators available, and promises true results or your money back. It’s small enough to fit in your briefcase and designed to work with every club in your bag all you really need is enough space to swing your clubs. OptiShot 2 has sixteen 48MHz infrared sensors calibrated to track your clubs and give you instant feedback, and you can choose from a variety of real courses on which to practice, including Palm Desert Mountains, West Maui Plantation, Torrey Black and more.

It also a bit surprising that Texture existing customers aren being offered a better incentive to switch to Apple News+, as a way to reward their loyalty or to make up for the frustrations around having to switch apps especially since their favorites and collections will not transition to the Apple News app. Instead, the Texture email says they be offered a month free trial to test out the service. That the same deal all new Apple News+ subscribers get..

The Popol Vuh: The Mayan Story of CreationUnderstandably perhaps the majority of hub pages devoted to the subject of native Americans concentrate on the peoples of North America. But of course the native populations of central and south America once formed major and very significant civilisations, and even empires. One such were the Maya, much in the news in 2012 because of the strange (modern) beliefs of some people that the Mayans accurately predicted the end of the world.

741KbAbstractWe investigate the onset of thermal convection in a number of porous models, with a focus on the influence of a boundary reaction. The models that we consider are: the Darcy porous model; the Darcy model with inclusion of the Soret effect and the Brinkman model, all with an exothermic surface reaction on the lower boundary. Numerical results are presented for each of these models and we show that the Darcy and Brinkman models with a surface reaction are structurally stable.

Of the five biggest counties in Texas, Travis County has the fewest inmates on death row. Earle relies on a committee of senior prosecutors to make recommendations on whether to seek the death penalty. And while Earle has the final say in the matter, he acknowledges having a bit of reluctance to seek death.

Belen, Brain Drain blog “The root of success in everything is thinking whether it’s thinking disguised as intuition or as good values or as decision making or problem solving or creativity, it’s all thinking. The surprising fact is that just a few learnable strategies of thinking can make you more effective.” John G. Agno, Business Week’s Coaching Tip blog “Inspirational and engaging but also educational and immensely practical.” Anthony J.

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