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Camps traditionally only offer binary gender sleeping arrangements, which creates problems for non binary and trans young people. Akerman has seen camps allow gender non conforming kids to choose their preferred bunks, but not without discussion and pushback from parents and administrators. The solution, she says, is simple: “Just ask the camper,” and then follow their preferences..

“The stock is doing okay, but nowhere near where it should be, with all the free publicity they’ve gotten from Trump.”In other tech news this weekThe latest new subscription service, HBO Max, debuted with an asterisk. The two most popular streaming platforms, Roku and Amazon, declined to offer it, making it available only to those primarily with an Apple TV, Google Chromecast streaming device, or recent models of Sony or Samsung smart TVs. Max is nominally a new service, selling for $14.99, but subscribers to HBO Now upgrade for free, with the HBO library, plus programing from Warner Bros., DC Comics, Turner and Looney Tunes.HBO Max is live: here’s everything you need to knowGoogle said some Googlers could return to work on July 6.

“This matter shall receive attention at the national level,” Phiyega told reporters soon after the end of proceedings in the third day of Pistorius’ bail hearing. The case has riveted South Africa and much of the world and has placed the country’s judicial system under close scrutiny. 4.

Years and years ago back before video conferencing was nearly as common as it is now some friends and I were in an audio only Skype call together. As is wont to happen during exceptionally long digital hangouts, we all started gradually turning our attentions to separate activities. And one young woman apparently forgot that she was audible to a half dozen other people..

Or maybe your favorite director has a movie preview on Saturday, write that down too. Make sure that you do put down fun things in your schedule. Those breaks will help you make it through the tough work times.. We agreed on nothing, Dad and I, yet at the same time managed to put out some damn fine newspapers. Mum retired a few years later, and in 1980, so did Dad. I continued on, 20 years in total.

The demonstration quickly morphed into a battle for turf, with the police trying to take ground away from the protesters with riot shields, with batons, with a phalanx of mountain bikes. Demonstrators were ripped to the ground and zip tied. There was no sense that law enforcement had control of the situation.

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