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Honestly, dentists kill themselves all the time and pretty much all of us struggle with mental health. Is it because multiple times/day people walk into our offices, ask for our help, then tell us they hate us, don’t like us, or are terrified of us? Probably. I don’t think people understand the mental health effects that saying stuff like that has..

I really like it! I enjoyed the “call and response” that happens twice, my feedback would be to make the cuts between the two samples a little bit tighter since it sounds like the song has just decided to take a wild turn in a different direction. Subjectively, it might make sense to play up the bass and rhythm in the mix when it goes from the first call to the response so that the listener doesn get as much whiplash when it happens for the first time. That depends on what kind of effect you going for though; if you trying to get that sort of more chaotic “swing from one side of the room to the other” then I think you want to play up the contrast between the call and response..

Though The Thylacine closely resembles a short haired dog with strips like a tiger on it’s hind quarters, The Thylacine, Apex Predator Carnivorous Marsupial that it was; was in no way related to dogs at all, but had evolved into the creature that it was due to convergent evolution. It was one of only two species of animals ever known, concerning marsupials, that featured a Marsupial’s Pouch in both sexes of the animal, the other marsupial being the Water Opossum . Now, because The Thylacine has been thought to be extinct since the mid 1930s, the Tasmanian Devil had been thought to be both the closest relative of The Thylacine in existence, and the largest carnivorous marsupial; however, more recent studies suggest that The Numbat is actually the closest surviving relative to The Thylacine..

“I’m not going to let him disrespect my legacy like that,” James told ESPN. “I’m not the one who threw somebody through a window. I never spit on a kid. President Roosevelt, however, flatly refused to shoot at an animal that was tied up. The scene was immortalised in a cartoon in the Washington Post that was drawn by Clifford Berryman. Some weeks later, Morris and Rose Michtom, shopkeepers from Brooklyn, created a stuffed toy that they called ‘Teddy’s Bear’.

John Mullane out sprinted Michael Verney in the right corner to shoot the opening point. We didn have time to digest that by the time Eoin Kelly had fired a free over. Seconds later Kelly had a goal to his name. BOXSCORE LEHNER POSTGAME GAME 2 TICKETSGAME 3 RECAP: New York took a 3 0 lead in the series with a 4 1 win at Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon. The Penguins opened the scoring for a second straight game, but Jordan Eberle, who has scored in every game of the series, evened it up 28 seconds later. Brock Nelson doubled the Isles lead 1:02 later with goal on an odd man rush.

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