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My friends and family request this recipe all the time!These baked beans are one of the dishes I am “known” for. If we’re having a family get together or a potluck with friends, chances are good that this dish will be requested, especially if the party is a barbecue or a cookout. Some say I should actually serve these as dessert rather than with the meal, because these BBQ baked beans are so rich, sweet and yummy..

I highly recommend it to even those “non Maritimers” interested in the Afghan war. The color photographs by Christian Laforce are excellent and cover a wide range of military (and some Afghan) life in Kandahar.The book covers all aspects of Canadian Forces operations over a period in the spring of 2007. There are profiles of different soldiers and the jobs they do, a look at what individual troops carry (good luck charms to religious medals) as well as many stories of bravery and sacrifice.And what I like about Lambie’s writing is his realistic portrayal of military life and the mission.

“We hear in the news periodically about the latest danger of the month or the week and some people have made out that this UV light is something sudden and we have to urgently go do something about it. That isn’t true. Then people talk about the ozone, but the ozone at our latitude has not been changed that much..

From a few weekends ago woke up early to catch the sunrise at Huntington Beach Pier on a Saturday morning. I was lucky around 6:20 ish AM the lights on the pier automatically shut off was able to catch 2 HDR in time! The photo above was one shot. As I continued to shoot the pier was cool to see all the surfers arrive at the same time.

“Cooper’s performance is enhanced by his surprisingly credible singing. There are times when Jackson’s lyrics still get through to him, as in, ‘Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die,'” Rolling Stones’ Peter Travers writes. “Of course, the crowd goes wild.

Talking about design, brands are moving towards co creating collections. People want the ability to customize their apparel and businesses are learning to keep up. Whether you look at Zara, which has internationally used the live listening tech to gain real time feedback from customer observations on their collections, incorporating those changes into the next batch being produced or take a Pakistani brand like DYOT (Do Your Own Thing) that allows consumers to choose what they want their clothes to look like while sitting at home or anywhere else in the world for that matter,” he elaborates..

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