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Oakley Frogskin Prizm Lens

Kid Rock may become a copsoon. The 44 year old rocker filed an application to become a reserve police officer for the Saginaw County village of Oakley, Michigan, under his real name Robert James Ritchie. He one of 149 applicants for the tiny town with about 300 residents, not far from his hometown outside of Detroit.

As soon as I purchased my new fisheye lens a few months ago I wanted to go out and give it a try! I took a drive out to Johnson City as I have always driven by this old abandoned Feed Mill has lots of character. I walked around and took a bunch of shots and liked this old building with shoes nailed to it! Quite interesting! From walking around I can tell there was a antique store, a bar, a restaurant and housing located on the property. It was a nice sunny day and luckily this place is right near the main road its a bit spooky! If you look at the picture and follow the path down the middle you can see some of the little housing shacks.

Soon I found myself strengthened and ready to get back to the tasks at hand. Once again I could praise and worship Him in total abandon and joy. I started to talk to Him more often. Do you get where I am going with this? While good health can make one’s forties, fifties and beyond happier and healthier, it cannot turn back the clock. A fifty year old woman who bears a child through in vitro fertilization is always going to be fifty years older than her offspring and may well die before the child comes of age. A sixty year old man who impregnates his 30 year old trophy wife with the help of Viagra has not magically become thirty something by that act.

For a long time, he kept trying, writing and directing ambitious clunkers in between Rocky and Rambo sequels. But audiences never embraced his more challenging stuff. Eventually he threw up his hands and made only films he must’ve known were garbage, for years on end..

Most importantly, The Glass Hotel touches upon the themes of crisis, survival and the search for meaning in our lives which makes it such an important read at this time.Dancing at the Pity Partyby Tyler FederThis one’s a graphic novel. A heartbreaking read, but this book turns out to be an essential comforting guide for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one. You can also check out virtual book launch videos for this book where Tyler talks in depth about her inspiration to illustrate and write Dancing at the Pity Party.If It Bleedsby Stephen KingIf It Bleeds is a collection of four unpublished novellas, “If it bleeds” (while working on the case of a missing dog, detective Holly Gibney investigates the mysterious reporter present at the site of the bomb blast), “Mr.Novellas are a familiar territory for Stephen, but the stories are new and experimental in nature, and you are going to love how brief they are!by Afia AtakoraSet around the period of American Civil War, this novel introduces readers to three women: a wise healing woman named Miss May Belle, her daughter Rue, and their master’s daughter Varina.

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