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There was a time when I was struggling to pay my bills in film school and not sure this town was for me. And one day, not long after Boyz N The Hood exploded on the scene, my phone rang. It was John Singleton. More>>Gordon Campbell: On The Ethics (and Some Of The Economics) Of Lifting The Lockdown As New Zealand passes the half way mark towards moving out of Level Four lockdown, the trade offs involved in life after lockdown are starting to come into view. All very well for National’s finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith to claim that “The number one priority we have is to get out of the lockdown as soon as we can”Yet as PM Jacinda Ardern pointed out a few days ago, any crude trade off between public health and economic well being would be a false choice. More>>Binoy Kampmark: Brutal Choices: Anders Tegnell And Sweden’s Herd Immunity Goal If the title of epidemiological czar were to be created, its first occupant would have to be Sweden’s Anders Tegnell.

President Donald Trump said last week that a vaccine would be available before the end of this year. His prediction was supported by Moncef Slaoui, the newly appointed leader of Operation Warp Speed, the administration effort to speed vaccine development. At a briefing last week, Slaoui, a former member of Moderna board of directors who resigned when he took up his new government post, said he had seen preliminary research data that convinced him that a vaccine could be created by the end of the year.

No second referendum. The country voted to leave the European Union, and as prime minister, I will make sure we leave the European Union,” she said.UK referendum: Full coverageWeek that brought UK to its kneesWhat does Brexit mean for you?Boris Johnson won’t stand as PMFarage deserted by Brexit bandmates?Can UK get out of Brexit? Brexit = higher taxes, less spendingUK loses perfect AAA credit ratingHow Britons really feel about BrexitVoters: ‘We had nothing to lose’Racist attacks rise after EU voteDid Brexit hurt Trump?Results map tells a big storyThe country is entering uncharted territory it is unprecedented for a candidate in Britain to run unopposed at this stage of a leadership change, and May’s quick succession to the country’s leadership is raising questions about the whole process. How can a leader be democratically chosen by so few people?Some 329 Conservative members of Parliament voted to whittle down five candidates to two for their party’s leadership, but it seems the 150,000 party members who were supposed to have the final say will have no input in it at all.In Britain’s parliamentary system, the leader of the ruling party is automatically made prime minister.”There is an absurdity in the system that a prime minister can be chosen by people who are supporters of one party when it is in government,” CNN political contributor Robin Oakley said.”There will undoubtedly be some frustration in the public, but there’s nothing much that can be done.

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