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As Eisner points out, between 1936 and 1938, Stalin “had arrested over a million of his own party members in his Great Purge. At least 600,000 were killed, many from torture. Estimates range from five to fifty million deaths caused by the famine that resulted from Stalin’s ill conceived policies.” Yet Neruda lionized Stalin effusively, hailing him as “the noon, the maturity of man and the peoples.”.

Denny and Joey talk to us separately, but seem attenuated to the differences, both niggling and enormous, between their accounts of a summer of disintegration when it never stopped raining. Bit by bit, in the play’s weave of monologues and dramatized scenes, we piece it all together, as the colours darken into tragedy. And we come to understand their compelling need to justify themselves, both together and, as the narrative fractures, separately.As Denny, Ullyatt creates a vivid, dimensional portrait of a fast talking hot head on a short fuse, whose best qualities open heartedness, generosity, a fierce desire to protect the underdog are inextricably linked to his worst.

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That about as small, selfish, juvenile a reason not to pick up a friend at the hospital as I can think of, but it seems to point to the fact that, again, there may be a deep reservoir of ill will in this friendship, a paucity of trust, for whatever reason. It also reveals that Rosenfeld was right to suspect that there was more to the story.But she erred by filling in the contours of that story in ways that were speculative and, to many, offensive. Rosenfeld is first and foremost a novelist a rather good one, though with a generally dark view of female friendships and perhaps this explains her imaginative leap.

Knew we had a good offense, the junior quarterback said, I didn think about that. We did good in 7 on 7, scored a lot of points. But when I watched from the stands last year, I didn think it would be like that. We quarantined and then stayed safe at home. We volunteered. We bit the bullet.

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