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Seuss (and who doesn’t!) you’ll love this event, headed our way Oct. 26. The Dr.. This is a great idea for some writing practice you can just go crazy and have a good time. And the stealth diary is a real hoot. A few months ago, I wrote some fictional diary entries.

Stationed in Kuwait, she was tasked out to units in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan she earned her 2nd Army Commendation award w/ “C” device, the Afghan campaign Medal, and NATO service medal. Sharon’s goal is to become an Army Aviator.. John College.The B is ideally situated 10 mins from Cambridge centre and is easy to get to. On arrival I was told that they had discontinued the Continental breakfast and, should I require breakfast, I would have to pay 7 for an English breakfast. When I pointed out that my booking included breakfast they agreed that was the case, but they said that it was a Continental breakfast that was included in the price and restated that the Continental breakfast had been discontinued.

The press release also includes comments from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, probably to prove just how committed the NBA is to making this venture a success. Look forward to combining our best in class NBA sports team operators with Take Two competitive gaming expertise to create a brand new league experience. We will be patiently waiting to see how similar or different a competitive gaming league will feel when it run by a traditional sports league as opposed to how they run now..

Of the times when you do surrender to Him, you have to walk in complete faith, Lewis said. Aren seen. You don know what next. We need to pause and take a breath. We need real, long term plans to build up the agency based on proven strategies, not a rash of bad press. Reactionary doesn’t cut it..

Simpson Community Services Society is a new Society and has recently partnered with Community Builders Benevolence Group. Both Society’s work together and are based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and in a marginalized community in the heart of Surrey. In these two locales, the Society’s operates four privately owned rooming houses; the Jubilee, Dodson, Powell, and Guru Nanak, and provides safe and supportive housing for 200 persons that are at risk to homelessness..

6. For the Sports FansDo you and your fianc have a sport that you love? Having guests sign something sports related like a ball or piece of equipment would be the perfect guest book alternative and would give you a great keepsake for after the wedding. My husband is a huge Carolina Panthers fan and something like a jersey or a poster with their team logo would be something he’d love as a guest book.

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