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The sun this time of the year is equivalent to the strength of the sun around the latter half of August. Whether you are going to the Red Sox game this morning, watching the runners along the course or just enjoying a super late April Day, don’t forget the sunscreen. It’s been a long winter without much exposure to sunlight for many and I’m not sure you want to start off the spring with a sunburn..

After spending more than an hour in Park Heights, the officers migrated to the city’s east side, where dozens of plainclothes officers gathered in a large parking lot near the Eastern District station house. Some officers tossed a football to stay loose while sergeants plotted the next series of raids. Unless there’s any objections, we’re gonna start rolling.” And a caravan of about a dozen unmarked cars headed south on Edison Highway, turning right on East Oliver Street.

Holdings and online subscriptions are provided through the generous bequest of the Walter Kohn Art History Endowment. The University Art Gallery and Janet Turner Print Museum mount shows of historical and contemporary art every semester, as well as maintaining permanent study collections. CSU, Chico alumni teach at all levels, own galleries, work as studio artists, museum curators, arts administrators, muralists, illustrators, and fashion designers.

I do miss my fruits in winter, but I’m so glad that Florida oranges come into season right around the holidays. This is when I stock up on them. If you wash their skins when you get home and put them in the coolest part of the refrigerator, they’ll keep fresh for up to three weeks.

Kojak grabs her by the arm and pulls. An energy pulse vaporizes a large section of the wall next to them. Kojak pulls Star to the ground now, drags her into the maze of walls. The excitement continues as four eager young chefs cook for the chance to become a judge in the finale event! Maneet Chauhan, Alex Guarnaschelli and Chris Santos sit on the judging panel for this competition, where the kids have to work with a different barbecue sauce in each round. In the appetizer basket, the kids must transform cookies and a slimy vegetable into delicious starters. A pork product must be paired with fresh greens in the entree course, then the finalists struggle to place cheese in their desserts..

The NBA handed out fines from Wednesday night late game scuffle between the Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns. The only Memphis player punished was reserve guard Troy Daniels, who connected on a 3 pointer and was fouled by the Suns Devin Booker. Daniels, who was fined $15,000, said something to Booker after the shot, leading to a lot of pushing and shoving.

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