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Never you mind all the debates about mixing energies. Baron is just as gifted as Hecate when it comes to a mastery of magic. Truly he is the highest magician there is. First, Simon shows viewers they are entering a world where the rules are different, the language is different and the danger is obvious. But he’s also focusing on a situation that many Americans pay little attention to: a young black man with a criminal past getting killed in a senseless shooting. We hear some of Snot Boogie’s personal story, and we feel a pang of pity when McNulty expresses sympathy over the insulting nickname (even if he is probably exaggerating that feeling to get the witness to talk to him).

The funds are earmarked for paying salary and benefits for officers involved in community policing and homeland security activities. Grant is a done deal, because the city has not officially received written notification from DOJ, it could not include the officer positions in the new city budget. (Otherwise, they wouldn’t be “new” cops on the street, as the feds see it.) City staff expects the budget which was amended before adoption to take out dozens of grant funded cop slots to be re amended in October to put them back in.

(In Japanese with English subtitles.)Following at 9:45 PM is a Hayao Miyazaki Double Feature. First up is CASTLE IN THE SKY (TENKU NO SHIRO LAPUTA), (1986, Walt Disney (Studio Ghibli), 124 min.) Inspired by the floating island in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Hayao Miyazaki’s breathtaking masterpiece of fantasy and adventure follows two orphans, a 14 year old boy named Pazu and 13 year old girl named Sheeta, as they make an incredible journey to a long lost city in the sky. (English dubbed version.)Next on the same bill is KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE (MAJO NO TAKKYUBIN), (1989, Walt Disney (Studio Ghibli), 102 min A plucky but inexperienced young witch named Kiki is forced to leave her family home on her thirteenth birthday and travel into the great, wide world, so she can learn about life and the true purpose of her magical powers.

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Ken Thomas is the Director of Academic Affairs in the Honors College and a Lecturer in the Department of Biosystems Engineering and the Honors College. Dr. We show that one may construct pairs of BDEs that have various symmetric properties using a single involution on . We study the folded singularities of BDEs, and associate an affine invariant to such points. We show that one may associate a complex parameter to folded singularities that determines the relative positions of various curves of interest.

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