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To be honest with you the whole coding this is kind of over hyped. Perhaps we all work in different fields and theres different factors but unless you have a security clearance realistically you not going to be “coding,” Coding will be sent oversears, because someone will do it for 1/5 of the cost. It the unfortunate reality of things.

Does The Jones Act Put Us Under Maritime/Admiralty Law By Our Birth Certificate? Why Is Your Name Spelled In Capitalsby Reality Bytes 7 years agoDoes the legal system of the United States operate under maritime admiralty law? What is the law of the sea? Why is my name spelled in capital letters on my birth certificate? Am I property of the government?StrawMan Are You A Person Or Collateral? Does Your Social Security Card Prove You Are Property? Why Capital Letters?by Reality Bytes 7 years agoAm I free? Does the government of the United States own the people? Am I collateral for the national debt? Are social security numbers used to keep track of government property? What is a strawman? Is the United States property of the British Crown?3Strawman Why Is Your Name In All Capital Letters? I Only Use Caps For The The First Letter Of My Name!by Reality Bytes 7 years agoWhy is my name spelled with capital letters? Does the government need my consent to hold me responsible for statute law? What is a legal fiction? What is a strawman? Does the government own me? Am I property?Modularized Instruction in Philippine Schoolsby DON BALDERAS 7 years agoToday, I would like to share with you some readings I did in relation to modularized instruction. This is because I have found many studies conducted in the schools focus on this and were submitted for their masters and doctorate degrees. How did they begin? Who belongs to the Illuminati? What is the Illuminati history? Do secret societies control the world? Are they evil? Why?10Home Schooling Life Experience EducationHow To Edit Videos With Picasa 3by Francis Chung 7 years agoPicasa is a very good image organizer, photo editor and enhancer, and online gallery.

Coakley located her elusive sense of humor when she answered a yes no question intended for Baker: “Is there a place for Martha Coakley in a Baker administration?” “No!” she said briskly, delighting the audience and Baker. For his part, Baker’s closing appeal for voters to keep former Boston Mayor Tom Menino in their prayers as he suspends treatment for advanced cancer was an emotional high note for a man accused of only caring about “the bottom line,” as Coakley put it. Coakley was unable to match that, giving a pre packaged closing speech that seemed to deflate further with every word..

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