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If I had sat on the money for a while longer thinking about what deal to do, I could still be sitting here for years doing nothing. The investment offered some great benefits and now is occupied. While the reduction in rent lowered my return and it is now at 9% instead of 12%, it still isn’t costing me anything..

So finding the mix of services can be hard, especially when you don have the floor space to devote to new products. For example, when Amazon bought Whole Foods and opened up Prime delivery of groceries in our area, Kroger within weeks started to offer their own 2 hour delivery service. But again, this isn a service that would be practical to offer across their entire footprint.

Lakewod Amusement ParkIt was the late 1800’s and Durham was already on its way to becoming an established commercial center for business and industry. After Dr. Barkley Durham (Durham is named after the good Doctor) donated some land to build a railroad station, the Piedmont and Northern Railroad came to town and it wasn’t long before Durham developed into North Carolina’s industrial epicenter..

I think the bits of negativity are more about their methods than their products. The first digitally restored film was done at 4k in 1993! The Panavision Genesis (with a Sony sensor) had a 6k horizontal sensor pixel count! The Arri D20 had a 2.8k sensor!”Sony digital cinema cameras were $200k+” cinema cameras are always rented, not bought. Very few people care or even know about their list price.

She then tells me to concentrate on the details of the location. Is it day or night? What’s the temperature? What are the smells? If I walk around, what does the ground feel like? What does it sound like? The point of it all is to dislodge me from any thoughts of the future or the past and to instead root me squarely in the present. From there, it’s more relaxation.

Then he heads over to the local North Pole watering hole, buys rounds of eggnog for all his elves, and turns up with Mrs. Claus till the wee hours of the night. That, friends, is the story of Dirty Santa. Their results were returned within ten minutes enabling the coronavirus checks to be completed during check in. The moves come amid growing criticism of quarantine as nearly 80 leading names in the tourist industry and a cross party group of 40 MPs including seven former ministers urged Government on Wednesday to ditch the “unworkable” plans. The same day Boris Johnson told MPs he wanted to have “as sensible a quarantine scheme as possible and to keep flows as generous as we can”.

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