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Limericks can be traced as far back in History as the fourteenth Century, starting in England. They were mainly used as nursery rhymes for children, but of course because they were short and to the point, they spread to the inn’s and taverns and ended up being bawdy and rather rude! So, as I was in a particularly funny mood, I thought that I would add a few of my favourites here. There were so many to choose from, and I thought that I had better only choose the ones that weren’t, well, too bad, if you know what I mean! as I didn’t want to shock the more delicate sensibilities of some of the more refined readers! Which of course is all of you! As you are so well behaved and such genteel ladees and gentlemen, I suggest that you read them with one eye closed, and that way it won’t be as shocking to your delicate systems! Ah Ha.

But I’m just one person. What could I possibly do to help reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned animals?Animal control officers see it every day: pets that have been abandoned. Some are left by the side of the road, others are dropped off at the veterinarian and never picked up.

By 1969, Becky had given birth to three sons. The family moved to Minneapolis’s Wedge neighborhood that year after Gene was hired to automate the biomedical library at the U. “Back then, the Wedge was changing from a high crime neighborhood to a place filled with hippie communes and gays, and our house became the place for a lot of meetings because we helped start the Wedge Neighborhood Association,” she says, grinning at the thought..

Doctors say the miners, who have been taking aspirin to thin their blood, could suffer nausea and heart palpitations, as well as blood clotting and heart attacks. They been performing aerobic exercises for 20 minutes each day to prevent muscle cramps as they ascend, and they have had no solid food for eight hours before their journey up. “You have to control your mind and not panic because you totally enclosed, you going up through 2,000 foot of rock,” Dattel said.

Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders guy. I watched Breaking Bad in its entirety, twice. Then there Ozark. “We’re playing with Buffalo Jones, who has kind of become a local (Spokane) band that has been around for a while. I produced their last record, and they are just good friends of ours. They’re the ones who have been bugging us to come back and play there,” Lowery said on Dec.

Ranson, English bloke; Mr. H. Dixon, Scotchman; Mr. The sand covers a multitude of sins. She must be one of the prostitutes who peddle their wares along the highway to the long distance lorry drivers looking for a quick pit stop. Bored policemen usually pick them up when the case rate falls, often paying the fines out of their own pocket to boost their statistics.

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