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Our group focuses on peptide based drug design, membrane biology and biomaterials. We are developing novel compounds that allow us to exploit the potential of peptides as drugs and are currently applying our technology to new compounds for treatments of cardiovascular disease. Our membrane biology projects involve the development of new methods for membrane protein purification and analysis with application to apoptosis, G protein coupled receptor function and antimicrobial peptide function.

Reserved in person, he’s a daredevil on the Internet, where online buddies sometimes dare him to do very strange things. Once he attached 76 clothespins to his face in a “beard of pain.” Another time, he pierced his face with more than 800 acupuncture needles, which he contends “isn’t that painful but is just time consuming.”One evening in April 2004, over a fast food dinner with Toby, Joel watched an episode of the now defunct Ripley’s Believe It or Not! TV show that changed his life. In it, a one ton rubber band ball was dropped from a plane into the Mojave Desert to see if it would bounce.

[Image 3: Flyer with black background and gold textured design and text which reads Spiritual Strategies in COVID times for BIPOC healthcare workers, therapists, social workers and healers. Join us in creating a generative space of rest and regeneration for Black, Indigenous and POC health practitioners, healers, social workers and/or therapists on the frontines holding our communities through this moment of COVID 19. With Adaku Utah, Cara Page, and Erica Woodland.

I enjoy coming to the rink every day. It not a job. It come to the rink.. Teaching our children green environmental practices is important but there are also important lessons in cleanliness that also must be learned. Hand washing is an important method to prevent contamination but our hands are generally washed after we touch toilet paper rather than before. There are a lot of germs and bacteria in a bathroom and they will gather on any surface to which they are exposed.

A robust insurance policy would answer a few of those revenue questions. So far, races in Australia, Netherlands, France and Monaco have been cancelled, with the Grand Prix of China, Bahrain, Vietnam, Baku and Canada postponed. The next question was arguably more pressing, and necessitated company wide brainstorming.

The tipping point was in 2002, when a group of Boston Globe reporters uncovered not just a vast number of pedophile priests, but a vast network of Church enablers. The reporters’ unit was called “Spotlight,” which is the name of the film that recounts their investigation.It’s a brilliant, riveting work but not a sensationalized one. Director Tom McCarthy never uses the victims’ anguished recollections for easy shocks.

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