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To say that the Brewer’s Blackbird is an unsung hero is not exactly a clever play on words, like you were thinking, but somewhat of an accurate description, because this species doesn’t have much of a song at all. Besides its nondescript two note whistle, Euphagus cyanocephalus is an overall nondescript bird the male’s plumage being a plain glossy black; unadorned with the flashy red epaulets of its cousin the Red winged Blackbird, while the female and juveniles wear a drab light brown. The “iridescent purple head” of the male, included in most descriptions, is not immediately noticeable.

The Many Traditions of WiccaGetting started in Wicca can feel confusing and overwhelming, especially if you are completely new to paganism. There are many different Wiccan traditions and it is important to spend time reading and learning about these in order to find a path that most suits you, your outlook on life and any existing beliefs you have around divinity and religion. These include Gardnerian Wicca, Alexandrian Wicca, Dianic Wicca and Celtic Wicca.

When he persisted, he was asked to leave then forced to leave. Fighting James Dolan might qualify as pornography for Knicks fans.Among those who had a front row seat for the situation was tennis great John McEnroe. 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Within detail of a photo attributed by William Frassanito possibly to David Bachrach (the “Bachrach photo” the one in which Lincoln was discovered by Josephine Cobbin 1952 seated on the platform) can be seen what may be the upper portion of a man made object situated just inside the hollow square of soldiers (see detail, below). Its height and rectangular shape strongly suggest that it was a portable darkroom with an onward facing soldier in front of it rather than just a moving blur. It is somewhat evocative of a photograph of a portable darkroom positioned near Hanson E.

Alberta snake enthusiasts thrilled by encounter with docile bull snakeReptile enthusiasts Dave Galley and Lukas Erickson feel like they landed the big one during a mid May snake spotting expedition in the badlands of southern Alberta.”At first I thought it was a stretched out large snakeskin and it wasn moving,” Galley said. “We quickly realized it was a bull snake and it was very much alive, and active, and five feet long. “This guy was extremely docile, he was super fine with us being around and taking video and pictures of him.”Erickson, 26,from Red Deer, and Galley, 47, from Calgary, were recently introduced and became fast friends over their shared hobby.”Both of us are interested in something called herping,” Erickson said in an interview with CBC News.

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