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A: We played one on one basketball for two summers straight. He was a coach, I was a counselor at Long Island Lutheran. We played one on one at noontime every day when he was at Rutgers. 1. If you are an employee and someone asks for your password to do work on your computer, do NOT give it to them. I have been an IT professional for a while and can tell you that I did not need a password to get into someone’s computer in the company.

Preceded in death by his father, Wayne; brothers, Ronald and Bernard. Gerald was survived by his mother, LaMae, who passed away on Jan 16, 2016. He is survived by his loving wife, Patricia (Distel); sons, Richard (Jill) and Jeffrey (Kristi); step children, Melissa (Isaac) Pardon Varde, Melinda (Kostya) Kolobova, Brian (Sarah) Lee; grandchildren, Brennen, Weston, Dylan, Gavin, Alexander, Charles, Nastya, Slava, Abriannah, Lylian; mother, LeMae; siblings, Lucy, Nancy (David), Michael (Debra), Gail, and Tom (Linda); many nieces, nephews, other family and many friends.

SNELL: Part of that strategy is building connections. She visited a transit organization called Handivan in rural Galesburg. Bustos was invited there when Dedra Manon saw her walking around a local supermarket last month and asked her to come by. It is because Maria Makiling was venerated in pre colonial Philippines as a goddess known as Dayang Masalanta or Dian/Diyan Masalanta who was invoked to stop deluge, storms and earthquakes. To further cement their agenda, they either demonized or demoted the earlier gods and goddesses and remodeled them as the lesser saints and Elementals we know today. In the case of Diyan Masalanta, her worship diminished considerably and she is now known as a petty enchantress or dryad..

But the then mayor confronted the artifact issues head onin a March 2009 interviewconducted as he was preparing to mount a bid for his eighth term in office. Stung by the artifact backlash, as well as rising city deficits and service cuts related to runaway spending on the deeply indebted incinerator renovation, Reed would lose the Democratic primary to then City Council President Linda Thompson. He quietly left office at the end of 2009, and has remained mostly mum ever since.

But beyond education, there’s been a large scale shift in the way we’ve been streaming in the lockdown. YouTube said that since March 15, there was a 590 percent increase of average global daily uploads that had ‘at home’ in the title compared to their average uploads for the rest of the year. Instagram Lives went up 60 percent in video views during the lockdown..

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