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From this research I have learned the origins of the two chambered house system used by both countries. It is easy to gather where and how the United States, developed its own system, by making modifications, to an older system. Diving deeper into the fray of comparing both systems one could also reveal flaws by both systems.

My StoryMy story starts years ago. I have always been a Skeptic/scientific/Psychic. In other words I have a great love of science. However, when Robb Stark does eventually pass away his force is fractured and his clansmen are either murdered with him or subsequently obliged to yield to the superior force of the Lannisters and so make their own individual peace with the Iron Throne of Westeros. However, the revealing of royal parentage for Jon Snow and the cleansing of his taint of bastardy, as well as Robb Stark’s naming him as the heir to his throne, would perhaps provide the needed impetus to re unite the North and provide a focal point for a force that could once again attack the Lannisters’ hegemony over Westeros and possibly eventually unseat them from the Iron Throne. This re dressing of the political situation within the nation is something that the narrative arc seems to demand as well as something that seems especially unlikely at the end of the fifth novel, thus suggesting the need within the story for the kind of rallying point that Jon Snow could become.

They carry the latest in fashion eyewear from Tiffany, Chanel, Tory Burch, Oakley, Silhouette and many others and exclusively use Essilor lenses, such as Varilux and Crizal, for optimal clarity. Aucello EyeCare Center utilizes state of the art equipment, like the Optomap, to diagnose and monitor the health of your eyes and specialize in contact lenses, dry eye, glaucoma management, diabetes, cataract and LASIK evaluation. They accept most insurances and are open weekends and evenings for your convenience..

Unsurprisingly, by late 2012 “the top bun was looking less and less like a bun.” To stabilize it, she repositioned the cartons and foam inside the bun (“I did not remove any of the original contents”) and, for further plumping, inserted five bags of unbleached cotton filled with Ethafoam. Luckily, “the patty and lower bun didn’t need anything; they looked good.” Phillips and her team went on to delicately clean the whole burger. No retouching was done to any of the paint; rather, Phillips painstakingly used adhesive to rebind to the canvas surface whatever layers of paint were loose or flaking..

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